Tuesday, February 14, 2017

For all the Single Girls on Valentine’s Day, by Jillian Law

Take a deep breath.
It’s only one day.
Stay off Instagram.
Log off of Facebook.
We all know Katie and her boyfriend are too adorable for words.
Let’s not be reminded of it today.

Change into your favorite pajamas.
You know, the ones with the cats on them?
Put in any movie you want
Romance, horror, whatever will make you happy!
Let your cat burrow into your lap.

Take count of all the people who love you.
Your mom, who sent all of your friends a copy of We Should All Be Feminists today
Your dad, who brings you pink roses every year
Has since you were eight
Your friends, your squad
The amazing girls who are your pillars
Who encourage you and laugh with you
And listen to you complain about Valentine’s Day

Enjoy the day
Enjoy your freedom
Stay in or go out for a night of fun
And remember this:
Hallmark invented Valentine’s Day anyway

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